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July 2016 – Summer Passion


In our society, we are acutely aware of the terrible ways that passion can possess us, can cause us to act without regard for others. This is where meditation comes in. Like others before me, I’ve found that when I infuse my desire with meditative stillness and awareness, an amazing transmutation can occur. Desires that seemed pointless, frustrating, or harmful can spontaneously re-organize along new channels more conducive to joy and creative expression.

Meditate Celebrate Activate Retreat

Not a retreat … this is an ADVANCE. The CEC retreat is unique for the way it builds on meditation practice, taking the insights we have on the cushion and applying them immediately to the social sphere, with engaging interactive practices and celebration-infused movement and hilarity and off-key campfire pop-punk-folk sessions. A fresh inquiry into who and how we are – and how to find centre amid the rollicking hullabaloo of life.

“A caring supportive fun community vibe unlike anything else I’ve experienced in the mindfulness world.” – A.C.

Monday Night Exploration


Many people, especially busy urban dwellers, feel overwhelmed and undernourished. They struggle alone with their challenges, and are only rarely able to discuss – let alone practice – deep matters of belonging and connection and embodiment. The vision of The Consciousness Explorers Club (CEC) is to provide a fun and accessible venue where people can discuss these things as they emerge from perspective-altering spiritual and psychological and social practices. Our members go on mind-body adventures – together and independently – and then share their insights and discoveries and inspiration with the community. To see our most recent monthly schedule of Explorations, click on “Upcoming” above.

How to Explore Consciousness – Talk


There are few activities more thrilling than exploring consciousness, particularly in the form of intelligent spiritual practice. In this talk, Jeff Warren – founder of The Consciousness Explorers Club and author of The Head Trip – introduces us to the terrain and describes some of the attendant risks and benefits. What begins as an exploration can become a transformation. The question then is how to talk – or not talk – about your experience, in a secular world often suspicious of spirituality.

The Way of the Consciousness Explorer

The Dashing Explorer

Course features a mix of guided meditation, discussion, and weekly meditation-in-action homework assignments designed to introduce existential tomfoolery into the lives of participants. The intention is to give everyone tools to enhance their well-being, and also to increase people’s contemplative literacy without getting religious or precious. Class discussion and practice move between the practical and the transcendent; our lives unfold between these two scales.

“Jeff Warren is an exceptional teacher. He explains difficult, intangible subjects with razor clarity. His enthusiasm is contagious and never wanes – not for his subject or for his students, all of whom he treats with warmth, empathy and professionalism.” – Roy Baskind, neurologist

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