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November 2017

At CEC, we’ve been working towards developing and embodying a pluralistic and inclusive model of spiritual practice. Our grand vision is to offer a place where all spiritual practices are welcomed in a big tent of exploration, dialogue and cross-pollination. Yet, we’ve struggled to integrate one prominent feature of many spiritual traditions: namely God. For secular spiritual types, just saying the word God in a non-ironic way can trigger major defences. For many, “God” evokes everything bad about old fashioned religion: blind faith, anti-scientific superstition, misogyny, sex negativity, homophobia, and intolerance. It’s a pretty bad rap sheet. If God represents all those things, then what clear-minded, compassionate person wouldn’t reject the concept?

October 2017

As Shunryu Suzuki said, “there is no such thing as enlightenment, only enlightened activity”. The insights we’ve gleaned on the cushion, or in play and exploration, find traction as they latch onto all parts of our day.  This month, we are going to work through our Mondays with the intention of applying what we know in larger and larger circles.  We’ll start first with ourselves, heaping on radical acts of kindness and self-compassion that make up the forever-work of getting out of our own way.  We’ll move slowly outward, to see how we can use our practice to show up in relationship, with another person, to our community.  

Creativity, Intuition, Spontaneity: A Master Class with Shinzen Young, Nov. 4

Cultivate your creativity, intuition, spontaneity at this full day retreat with the CEC’s prime mentor, Shinzen Young. Prepare for more “zen bounce”, inner knowing, and spontaneous bursts of wisdom in your life. Get some good karma too – this event is a fundraiser to help CEC in our efforts to extend and expand programming.

The Way of the Consciousness Explorer

Where is this thing they call a self?

I approach meditation for what it is: a thrilling exploration – and transformation – of consciousness. Course features a mix of guided practice, discussion, and weekly meditation-in-action homework assignments. It is both practical and contemplative, with an honest take on both the limitations of meditation practice, as well as its strange and beautiful existential dimensions.

Next class starts Fall 2017

“Jeff Warren is an exceptional teacher. He explains difficult, intangible subjects with razor clarity. His enthusiasm is contagious and never wanes – not for his subject or for his students, all of whom he treats with warmth, empathy and professionalism.” – Roy Baskind, neurologist

Monday Night Explorations


Many people, especially busy urban dwellers, feel overwhelmed and undernourished. They struggle alone with their challenges, and are only rarely able to discuss – let alone practice – deep matters of belonging and connection and embodiment. The vision of The Consciousness Explorers Club (CEC) is to provide a fun and accessible venue where people can discuss these things as they emerge from perspective-altering spiritual and psychological and social practices. Our members go on mind-body adventures – together and independently – and then share their insights and discoveries and inspiration with the community. For this month’s offerings, click on the most recent monthly post on the homepage

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