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Feb 2017 – Free Falling

The idea to let go of controlling your experience, no agenda, no need to change anything. The permission to just exist for a while. Phew. Really? I can just sit here, just be? After so long spent trying so hard, it’s such a relief. A deep peace emerges from that allowing, when I can let go of wrangling my experience and evaluating my performance. Feels like freedom.

Monday Night Explorations


Many people, especially busy urban dwellers, feel overwhelmed and undernourished. They struggle alone with their challenges, and are only rarely able to discuss – let alone practice – deep matters of belonging and connection and embodiment. The vision of The Consciousness Explorers Club (CEC) is to provide a fun and accessible venue where people can discuss these things as they emerge from perspective-altering spiritual and psychological and social practices. Our members go on mind-body adventures – together and independently – and then share their insights and discoveries and inspiration with the community. For this month’s offerings, click on the most recent monthly post on the homepage

Jan 2017 – Pluralism as Path

In 2017, the Consciousness Explorers Club is rolling out a new programming paradigm. Starting in January, each month will be dedicated to a particular path of practice: mindfulness, surrender, concentration, intellectual inquiry, art, emotional health, the body, nature, story, action, devotion, and finally – in December – Rock n Roll, our path of celebratory freedom and jackassery, where we explode the whole year, and start over again with some new configuration.

March 4 – Half Day Urban Retreat


Cut the noise and join us for a half-day mindfulness and meditation retreat. Four hours of silence in the oasis of Interaxon’s zendo. We’ll alternate between sitting and walking meditations with select guidance. Those who like can join us for a social dinner (talking allowed) afterwards.

Meditate Celebrate Activate Retreat

Not a retreat … this is an ADVANCE. The CEC retreat is unique for the way it builds on meditation practice, taking the insights we have on the cushion and applying them immediately to the social sphere, with engaging interactive practices and celebration-infused movement and hilarity and off-key campfire pop-punk-folk sessions. A fresh inquiry into who and how we are – and how to find centre amid the rollicking hullabaloo of life.

“A caring supportive fun community vibe unlike anything else I’ve experienced in the mindfulness world.” – A.C.

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