CEC Urban Retreat

Panic in the city!
Rrrr, I’m about ready to eat one of these toy cars

There you are, another day in the big smoke, just going about your business and dang if there ain’t a monster raging through the metropolis: reactive, disregulated, roaring at friends and family and colleagues. Could that monster be you?

If so, we have just the thing: our CEC urban meditation retreat, just a little one, four and a half hours long, from 1 – 5:30pm on Saturday, May 28. A combination of guided and silent sits interspersed with moving meditation at a special location in the heart of downtown Toronto. No raging here – just the gentle sign of muscles relaxing, and the slow settling of your thought-track as it sinks into the fine sediment of consciousness. The retreat will be led by Avi Craimer and the theme is mindfulness of body and working with pleasure and pain.

$25 at the door (cash or check). Limited places: to hold a spot and receive the location info, email us at info@avicraimer.com. Those who like, can join us for a social dinner afterwards.