Meditate Celebrate Activate Retreat

Where is this thing they call a self?


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Not a retreat –
this is an ADVANCE


Join Jeff Warren and The Consciousness Explorers Club for a different kind of retreat.


Silent mornings, we sit in MEDITATION four to five hours a day, a mix of solo and guided excursions into feeling, sound, energy, openness, silence, rest, surrender, as well as more dynamic movement and nature and friendliness meditations. Each of these is an adventure into a different corner of human experience, a fresh inquiry into who and how we are, a unique exploration of consciousness.


We then build on these insights by playing with them live, in relationship and in community. Standing, moving, sharing, creating, bumping, interacting. These are the energizing ACTIVATION pieces – how to find and hold our centre, how to work with challenge, how to identify where in our life and experience there is energy and direction, and finally how to trust the natural intelligence – though not, perhaps, coordination – on tap when we embrace our own ridiculousness.


we wish to make a human party
we wish to make a human party

Then, in the evenings, we party. Not a mindless beer-chugging hits-from-the-bong party, however important these may have been in our formative Canadian years. Rather, the CELEBRATION that emerges naturally when there is trust and relaxation and the right proportion of Trickster-irreverence. So: we DJ different tempos of music and eyes-closed movement, we recreate our most embarrassing moments with unusual theatre props, we explore the deranged richness of our imaginations in an evening drum-journey and art practice, and then we all hold hands and sing love songs around the campfire while select participants fire paintball pellets at us from a nearby wooded glade.

Basically we have a good time. And why shouldn’t we? What else is meditation for if it can’t deliver on basic human happiness?

Meditate, Celebrate, Activate

Sit to find the freedom, move to warm it up ’til its so hot you got to let it out, spread it out, which takes you back to a Consciousness Explorers first principles: Meditate, Celebrate, Activate. Repeat.


Testimonials below.

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NOTE: Meditation is a complement but not a substitute for professional psychological and medical health care. There are risks in any psychological or spiritual method. Those risks increase for people who are experiencing significant distress or dysfunction. If you are currently seeing a mental health professional, please discuss with them whether or not meditation is appropriate for your situation.



“The CEC retreat was a great experience, unlike any other. More of a conscious community coming together to share in a smorgasbord of activities, all centered around, well, centering. Can’t recommend it enough, and can’t wait for the next one!” – Steven

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“I expect most meditation retreats to involve a whole lot of sitting in silence to find what it means to be truly present.  Now here’s the magic of a CEC retreat: it calls on you to walk (or dance) that state of presence off the cushion, testing ‘out there’ with your fellow practitioners. It takes guts to inject crazy dance moves, lucid dreams, and laughter into a retreat. But guts is something the CEC has loads of and the results are remarkable – presence goes from passive to active, making it something I can realistically try to attain while yelling at a car on my roller blades.” – Katrina

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“This is not cotton candy to the hard-core meditator, nor is it scary over-the-top trance-inducing 3-hour sits to the neophyte meditator. It’s a happy balance of thoughtful teaching with fun exercises to bring all this into our daily lives. The guided lessons are insightful and easily understood. The practical or “activate” exercises that follow are without fail equally well thought-out and highly applicable to day-to-day experiences. Jeff, James and the entire CEC group make meditation fun! Who would have thought that possible?” – Susan

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“This was my first overnight retreat focused on meditation and it was amazing. For me, the silence was hard but important… helpful to realize that my head is filled with voices that behave like a frat party… and so good to learn, practice, and gain more strength at being with and making space around my inner world.  The blend of open-hearted sitting, focused learning, community, celebration, and activation was the perfect bouquet of experiences to create some important “turns” in my inner journey and start September with a renewed, deeper practice and more open engagement.” – Cate

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“The CEC retreat is a beautiful opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. It’s a wonderful combination of quiet meditation, soulful dancing, sweet forest walks and delicious, healthy eating. It felt like time slowed down for a little while, to remind me of the simplicity and love that permeates life’s small pleasures. After the retreat, I welcomed back the hustle and bustle of the city with a clear, still mind, an open hear, and a deep sense of connection.” – Martine

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“How do you translate into words an experience so out-of-this-world? My first CEC retreat in 2014 came at a time when I was searching for a new way to live. I came away with tools I now use everyday, tools that influence pretty much all I do. I learned about “space”, and how to be generous with it – how to inject it into my inner life, how to give the people close to me the space they need to really live their present and better hear their own voice so they can come to their own conclusions in their own time. I try to do this without urging them along and without any preconceived ideas about what their conclusions should be. I accept outcomes for what they are, and not for what I might want them to be. And I can now wash dishes, take a shower, eat, walk, drive, work, and yadayadayada in the same spirit. Talk about tools for life!” – Pascal

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“The retreat achieved the rare feat of balancing a rigorous internal practice – including multiple sittings throughout the day and daily silence until dinner time – with connection building. This latter is fostered through the group practice activities, movement and dance, campfires, a beach outing and mindful dinner conversations. This balance – combined with skilled, fun and witty, safe and solid teachings by Jeff and James – made this retreat a wonderful opportunity to deeply explore both my internal world and my place in community. Thank you!” – M.

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“Both CEC retreats I’ve been on have been fantastic. The mix of meditation, discussion, fun, silence and socialization scratched a lot of itches, advanced my meditation, and most importantly carried through to my day-to-day life after the retreat was over. People who didn’t know I was on a retreat remarked on how much more relaxed and ground I seemed, and I feel it too.  ‎If you’re on a journey, this ‎little side road could be quite illuminating.” – Doug

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“This retreat – an opportunity to practice and spend time in the loose and loving embrace of conscious community – was a high point of my summer. It’s a huge relief when all that is required of us is to show up, with as much openness, kindness and authenticity as we can muster. Jeff and James are engaging, encouraging and inspiring teachers. They know how to have fun, showing us how awareness can open the way to joy and ease both off and on the meditation cushion. And their interest in consciousness is quite serious. Drawing on impressive stores of knowledge and personal experience, they’re able to offer perspective to people at every point on the path. They do so generously – for example, by providing opportunities for private consultation and guidance at the retreat. Much love and gratitude for a wonderful experience.” – Deanna

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“I imagined this retreat would be a nice getaway with a bit of meditation thrown in. I was surprised to find a space where deep meditation practice was possible. The friendly semi-silent format did not detract from the seriousness of the sitting practice, and the interactive social practices helped to link insights from sitting to what was going on my in real life. The guidance and instruction from the teachers was of the highest quality, and the caring supportive fun community vibe unlike anything else I’ve experienced in the mindfulness world. Despite being only three days long, I can honestly say that my practice moved into significant new territory as a result of this retreat. I was able to move past certain blocks that I’ve experienced in other retreat settings because of the level of trust and safety. After traditional silent meditation retreats, I’ve often felt disoriented upon returning to my busy city life. With this retreat, a lot of the integration work was built directly into the social interaction and celebration. I felt great returning to the city, with a clear sense of how my life priorities and goals needed to be re-aligned based on the insights I’d come to. I can’t wait for my next CEC retreat!” – Avi