Soul Parties

For the summer, all Soul parties will happen at Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, from 230pm onwards, in front of Trinity Common, north of Oxford at 303 Augusta Ave. Listen for the music. 

Meditation Flash Mob Dance Party 

Sun July 31, 2016. 230 pm. 

303 Augusta Avenue 


230 pm silent sit, then: dancing in the street. Music by Gentlemen Soul Brothers; beers & eats by Trinity Common; carnival atmosphere by Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market.


We know you got soul. How? It glints from behind your eyes, beams from your beautiful face. Sure, sure, not resting until all living beings are free from suffering is good work – the best – but you gotta include yourself in their company, right?

Save yourself. Elevate. Celebrate so you can activate. Unite with the source by dancing your ass off beside other soldiers of the spirit, ’cause really, every moment that passes without some celebration is a missed opportunity.

Join us for our Soul parties. During the winter months, we hold it inside, once a month in Kensington Market. When it’s warm enough, we move them outside to Sunday afternoons, because we don’t really buy the whole “on the seventh day he rested” bizness. Really? He’s God. How tired could he have been? He probably at least had some people over for drinks.

Bring friends, bring enemies – all are welcome, so long as they recognize that to get on up, you gotta get on down. Soul Sundays are kid friendly, Soul Thursdays are, well, for our inner children. We try to provide non-alcoholic options – cacao shots, kombucha – for those who prefer to keep things clear. Can you keep your mindful cool when the dance floor is exploding with gyrating hootenanny? That’s the practise.

Musical selection of all flavors, mostly on the soulful tip: hiphop, breaks, swing, afro, disco, house. SoS and the Prez like a bit of techno, but gentle-like.


Selectors include:

Gentlemen Soul Brothers: 

GreenSparkle – Mark Greenspan‘s million wattage smile in booty shaking, body quaking musical form. He makes everyone happy within a 60 km radius. Power usage goes down, people stop on the street and say “after you, no after you” and they can’t even hear the music. Weird but true.

Open Matt – Matt Thompson – This guy? He doesn’t bring the funk, he makes that sheet. And he makes it vegan and non GMO, and its all tasty, and people are all asking him to sell it in other countries, and he’s like, “nah, I keep the mattmosphere local, cause its better for the planet“.

Dr J – Secretary of Treasure – James Maskalyk – We’re not sure if it’s that he can’t stop, or that he won’t, the only thing we know is that he don’t.  Guy holds it down. I mean dowwn, just when you’re, like, how long can he hold it for? Then – bam! – hands in the air, one clapping, people crying and falling in love. Its ridiculous.

Special appearances by:

The President – Jeff Warren – On the cushion and off of it. The Boss. Bassboss. People are like, “the president of what?”, and he’s like, “of making you shut your mouth. Now dance! Now get enlightened! Pick this up! Put it back down! Meditate on your breath! Get back to the dance floor!”

StarmakSarah Barmak – Our late-night secret weapon. When the rest of us want to curl into a little scared ball, she jumps onto the decks and hits the sweet spot between robot and heart. She’s everyone’s favourite, especially the President’s.


Free yourself.
Secretary of Treasure


ps. Don’t worry: Lifeguard on Duty