Creativity, Intuition, Spontaneity: A Master Class with Shinzen Young, Nov. 4

Join us on November 4 for a full day with Shinzen Young at the Institute for Traditional Medicine (553 Queen St W) for a full day of practice, fun, and insight with one of the most well-respected Buddhist teachers in North America, and the CEC’s prime mentor and much-loved uber-nerd.

Creativity, intuition, spontaneity and wisdom are resources available to any explorer willing to let go of their dominant frame of mind. Fair warning: cultivating these qualities through meditation will lead to more “zen bounce” in your life. To get there, Shinzen will teach participants how to activate the ability to “think without thinking.” Cue the zen paradox – meditate your way into the unmeditated. Sit back, trust your inner knowing, and empower your thoughts to think themselves. Watch as thoughts self-organize into unmeditated forms bringing novel and sage perspectives to the fore, leaving the rest behind. 

Structured as a one-day retreat, the day will be focused around practice and Q and A.

Tickets/Registration available here.

Shinzen’s gift for insight through unexpected analogies, illustrations, and humour has long made him one of the most respected Buddhist teachers in the West. His teachings merge scientific clarity with a rare grasp of source-language teachings, East and West. Don’t miss this opportunity to sit and dialogue with a true master.

This is a fundraiser for the CEC and the Centre for Mindful Learning. Donations will help both organizations expand our programming and online presence to spread the emotional and health benefits of practice to explorers everywhere. We have priced tickets at various tiers so more people can come and get the benefits of these teachings. Please give generously. We have included an upper tier for those who want to make a larger donation. Register here.