CEC Summer Retreat: August 24-28, 2017

Not a retreat … this is an ADVANCE. The CEC retreat is unique for the way it builds on meditation practice, taking the insights we have on the cushion and applying them immediately to the social sphere, with engaging interactive practices and celebration-infused movement and hilarity and off-key campfire pop-punk-folk sessions. A fresh inquiry into who and how we are – and how to find centre amid the rollicking hullabaloo of life.

“A caring supportive fun community vibe unlike anything else I’ve experienced in the mindfulness world.” – A.C.

Back to Basics Workshop

On April 1, join us for a back to basics meditation workshop. Learn fundamental skills of mindfulness meditation. We’ll focus on concentration, body awareness, observing thoughts, and relaxation. Practice sessions will be followed by Q and A discussions to get your meditation questions answered. You’ll leave with simple tools you can take back to your everyday life.

March 4 – Half Day Urban Retreat


Cut the noise and join us for a half-day mindfulness and meditation retreat. Four hours of silence in the oasis of Interaxon’s zendo. We’ll alternate between sitting and walking meditations with select guidance. Those who like can join us for a social dinner (talking allowed) afterwards.

Course – Loving-Kindness and Emotional Transformation

heart opening

This course is for anyone who’s ever felt frustrated by not knowing what to do when challenging emotions surface – either on the meditation cushion, or in the midst of daily life.

Next class starts April 25th, 2017

Art of Concentration Meditation Course


In meditation the skill of concentration is both the engine and steering wheel of practice. Very simply, concentration is the skill of intentionally controlling attention. Putting your mind where you want it to go rather than letting it be swept wherever the winds of unconscious mental habits would carry it.

New class starts Wednesday, January 25th!

Winter Reset: Mind, Body, Life

here there be pirate treasure

Not your typical meditation and yoga winter getaway. In addition to the daily yoga flows and meditation sits and beach lounging and ocean surfing and community chill-sessions and tropical monkey staring contests, every night we’ll going to explore a different aspect of consciousness. So: a lucid dreaming workshop, body archetype exploration, self-Inquiry practice, campfire kirtan, and guided Disco-swing dance party finale. A winter yoga and meditation retreat to reset your mind and reinvigorate your life.

Dates: Feb 11 – 18, 2017

The Way of the Consciousness Explorer

Where is this thing they call a self?

I approach meditation for what it is: a thrilling exploration – and transformation – of consciousness. Course features a mix of guided practice, discussion, and weekly meditation-in-action homework assignments. It is both practical and contemplative, with an honest take on both the limitations of meditation practice, as well as its strange and beautiful existential dimensions.

Next class starts Fall 2017

“Jeff Warren is an exceptional teacher. He explains difficult, intangible subjects with razor clarity. His enthusiasm is contagious and never wanes – not for his subject or for his students, all of whom he treats with warmth, empathy and professionalism.” – Roy Baskind, neurologist