CEC Summer Retreat: August 24-28, 2017

Not a retreat … this is an ADVANCE. The CEC retreat is unique for the way it builds on meditation practice, taking the insights we have on the cushion and applying them immediately to the social sphere, with engaging interactive practices and celebration-infused movement and hilarity and off-key campfire pop-punk-folk sessions. A fresh inquiry into who and how we are – and how to find centre amid the rollicking hullabaloo of life.

“A caring supportive fun community vibe unlike anything else I’ve experienced in the mindfulness world.” – A.C.

Soul Parties


Save yourself. Elevate. Celebrate so you can activate. Unite with the source by dancing your ass off beside other soldiers of the spirit, ’cause really, every moment that passes without some celebration is a missed opportunity.

For the summer, all Soul parties will happen at Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, from 230pm onwards, in front of Trinity Common, north of Oxford at 303 Augusta Ave. Listen for the music.

Next Party: Soul Sunday. July 31, 2016. 230-9pm. 303 Augusta Ave