Activate Me


“Activate” is CEC shorthand for being more awake in the world, and being more awake in a particular positive direction. It doesn’t have to be grandiose – maybe you want to smooth out how you are at work, or in a relationship. Or maybe you have some ambitious idea for a new social innovation or environmental initiative. In Buddhism they talk about interdependence, a kind of energetic cause and effect, where all actions, even small ones, can have a surprisingly robust influence on the world around us.

Spiritual Challenges Work Group


Once a month, a group of us get together and discuss how best to address various personal challenges associated with life / practice. The idea is to develop a protocol for helping people, to make connections with sympathetic mental health practitioners, and to consolidate useful local resources.

Urban Elder


The idea has two-parts:

1. To meet with a wise elder in our extended community, buy ’em lunch, and talk about life. It’s a win-win situation. They receive much-needed community care and respect. And we get perspective on our own often contracted lives.

2. To start a mini monthly think-tank about how to share intergenerational knowledge in our city / country / universe.